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Experience the Tallest Skywalk in Korea at Yongpyong (Pyeongchang) Balwangsan Mountain

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Experience the Tallest Skywalk in Korea at Yongpyong (Pyeongchang) Balwangsan Mountain

The highest glass observation deck is opening soon in July at Yongpyong Resorts, the opening venue for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winer Olympics and six-time winner of World Ski Awards’ Best Ski Resort award.

You can get to the Balwangsan Mountain Skywalk by taking the Balwangsan cable car from Yongpyong Resorts. The round trip is 7.4km and takes about 20 minutes. This place allows you to experience the feeling of flying in the sky as well as falling in love with the beautiful scenery.

When you arrive at the glass observation deck, you’ll see the 64cm Skywalk bridge that connects to the Central Sky Plaza that rotates 360 degrees for a breathtaking experience. At the plaza, you can view both the majestic sunrise of the east and sunset in the west.

The structure is supported by a patented cable with a seismic first grade design, so you relax without the worry of your safety. There is also a Balwangsan Mountain deck where you can drink the clean natural spring water, and the entire trail is on a gentle slope, so explorers of all ages can enjoy this experience.




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