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Fun Ski Drills: Bumps

Bumps Here's some bump skiing. It's also called mogul skiing. These moguls, in this video, were made by the grooming machines, and the snow is pretty hard and frozen. So this is a good thing for expert skiers. When you're learning to ski moguls, it's nice to have soft, natural snow, and as people ski the slopes, that soft, natural snow will be pushed into soft littler bumps. These bumps are pretty fast and hard, so skiing them, you're really going to make sure that you pull your feet back, kind of like a mule kick. So that your center of mass doesn't get left behind. So as I'm skiing these bumps, I'm thinking about pulling my feet back as I go over the crest of the bump, and making sure that my center of mass doesn't get left in the "back seat."

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