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Fun Ski Drills: Smile then Spin

Smile then Spin Here’s a drill that I call “smile, then spin.” Watch the tracks that my skis leave on the snow. See how they look like a smile on the snow? I curve down the hill and then up the hill to slow down and then spin. A lot of people need practice controlling their speed and maintaining their balance, and “smile then spin” will be a great drill for them. Watch from the beginning of the clip-- I’ll, for safety, look up the hill to make sure I’m not going to cut any skiers off, and then smile--I can slow down by curving up the hill. I can slow down to a stop, and when you’re first learning this drill, it’s okay to slow to a complete stop, and then with your spin, keep turning. It’s okay if you do a little bit of a backwards wedge. Keep spinning until you really change direction completely. That spinning will really help you learn if your feet are really under your center of mass. So the “smile turn” is a great drill for learning speed control through turn shape, and balance with your center of mass working right over your base of support.

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