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Fun Ski Drills: Stork

The Stork Drill Here's a fun drill, and it's a great one for developing the balance you'll need for advanced parallel skiing. This drill is called "stork." Like the bird, the stork, you stand on one foot and then the other foot. In parallel skiing, you're mostly balancing along the outside ski and in the stork drill, you lift the tail of the inside ski, but you leave the tip touching, and you make sure that the tip doesn't go too far forward. That way, it helps you learn to keep your base of support, that's your feet, or in this case your outside foot, in a good place in relationship to your center of mass. That'll give you good balance and flexing for parallel skiing. --The Stork Drill-- lift the tail of the inside ski, complete the turn, and then lift the new inside ski to balance along the outside ski.

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