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Updated: Jun 9, 2020

I’m Greg. I am from the state of Colorado in the United States of America.  That’s in the Rocky Mountains, so I’ve been skiing my whole life and teaching skiing for decades.  Currently, I’m an English professor at a South Korean university, and I’m so lucky to have nice, long winter vacations during which I can be a ski instructor for JSKI!

I've been a professional ski instructor for more than twenty years.  Mostly, I've taught in the Rocky Mountains in the USA, and I've also taught in New Zealand and a few seasons in South Korea.  As well as Level II Certification, I have special certification for teaching freestyle (Level 1) and kids (Level 2). For safety, I also have lifeguard and first aid certification.  I've earned awards for Rookie of the Year, Most Enthusiastic Instructor, Adult Instructor of the Year and Instructor Lifetime Achievement.

Working for JSKI

My love for skiing and teaching led me to interesting experiences such as teaching at an indoor ski facility in Korea. Although itwas a cool experience being able to ski indoors, nothing can beat the real slopes. A couple of years ago, when I heard that JSKI was looking for ski instructors who teach in English, I was quick to apply. I was hired and proudly became a part of the JSKI team.

Before the ski season officially starts, JSKI has an orientation with various ice breakers and information sessions. Last year, I was impressed by JSKI’s gratitude for its students and mission to help them ski happily. It was great to get to know the other instructors. I was excited to work with a global team who are fluent in many different languages including English and Chinese. The orientation is a great way to get the team excited for winter.

A lot of preparation is involved to make sure our students have their best experience with us. We check all of the ski boots, make sure the ski edges are in good shape, and inspect the helmets and gloves. It is important that all of the gear necessary for skiing is well prepared as safety is one of JSKI’s top priorities. After checking the equipment, I contact our clients to set up a meeting place for their lesson.

Because a majority of our students who come to Korea to ski are first-time skiers or beginners, we make sure they are well prepared by assisting them with choosing the right clothing and equipment. I also take time to answer any questions new students may have. Many of our students are five to fifteen-years-old, so we make sure that lessons are fun and engaging with the desires and abilities of each person integrated into the instruction. Asking and answering questions to get to know each other on the ski lift helps new skiers relax and have a blast coming down on the slopes.  Careful observation, as well as checking for understanding and improvement insures enjoyment and success.

Korea is a great choice for skiing and experiencing winter. Vivaldi Park, has excellent snow maintenance, and there are lifts that serve trails for the various levels of skiers from first day to expert.  Even if you have never been on skis before, your instructor will help you learn to move around on a flat area, and then you’ll soon be able to ride the lift and come down the run that is designed for first-day skiers.

For children who have not skied before, I teach them about how to take skies on and off and get around on flat areas with skis on. Kids pick skills up very quickly, and it’s fun to help them acquire new abilities and confidence.

JSKI’s English Ski Camp

In addition to daily ski lessons, my work at JSKIalso includes running the English Ski Camp. The instructors give students both ski and English lessons. It’s an amazing program for children who want to learn how to ski and speak English with confidence. The program is for two nights and three days. Unlike other ski camps that have fifteen to twenty students per instructor, JSKI’s English Ski Camp teaches much smaller groups. Each instructor is in charge of five students at the most. This allows me to learn each student’s name, personality, abilities, and interests. I personalize the experience to suit the group and the individuals in it.

Lunchtime during ski camp is lots of fun. Everyone gets to know each other better, and it’s nice to have a break with delicious food and drinks. After lunch, we go into afternoon ski lessons. After dinner, English classes officially begin! Each instructor has a table, and the children rotate to experience each instructor’s topic of special interest. I teach children about the history of the United States. On the day this photo was taken, I taught them about the Fourth of July and its significance to the American people. With entertaining drawing sessions and games, the English classes are just as fun as the ski lessons. The night ends with conversation games that children adore, picture time, and an inspiring recap of the eventful day!

The JSKI Community

During Christmas time, the whole team gets together to have a Christmas party. We exchange gifts, share delicious cake, and have great camaraderie. The JSKI community is warm and inviting, and it makes wintertime extra memorable.

This is the day I got an achievement award fromJSKI! It was awesome to be able to have fun and be recognized for my work.

Skiing is much more than just a sport to me. It’s a beautiful lifestyle with wonderful people. It’s poetry in movement with nature.  

Skiing will never lose its allure.  The desire to improve my skiing and teaching will always keep it as fresh as new snow.  Sharing this joy with students and helping them have a great time skiing really deepens my enjoyment.   I believe JSKI is ready to make your winter in Korea an outstanding and unforgettable memory. I hope you can join me this winter, and we'll use my experience and enthusiasm to help make your skiing very fun and rewarding!



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