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Have you ever been to summer skiing?

You will say Skiing and summer are two incompatible things but interestingly enough they are not. Have you ever felt tired of skiing during winter but when all the snow melts you would give everything in the world to ski for a day? Bears Town gives you the opportunity to experience the feeling of skiing again even on the hottest summer day. And most importantly it is not needed to travel to another continent because it is just an hour drive from Seoul.

Bears town is not only one of the leading ski resorts throughout Korea, but also a one-of-a-kind summer resort for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. I heard a lot about it and finally I went to Bears Town to experience it myself!

As I mentioned before, the trip from Seoul took only an hour, so at about 9 am we were already renting skis. I chose the Morning Ticket because it was just right for our arrival time at the resort. At the rental house you can rent skis, poles, ski boots, helmets and protective gear. In case you have all of this equipment the ticket price will be cheaper. However, you still need to rent skis as skis that are used on snow can be damaged by PisLab. You should also prepare your clothes for skiing in the summer (this can be lightweight, long-sleeved clothing). Most importantly, don't forget to apply sunscreen before skiing!

When I got all the equipment, I finally went to the slope. There are two slopes for summer skiing in Bears Town. The first slope is for beginners and the second slope is for the advanced and professionals. For the first time, I still recommend you to try the beginner slope, as I heard that falling on the PisLab is twice as painful as on the snow. You can see a special magic carpet in front of the slope that leads to the top. Notice that if in winter we first put on skis before getting on the magic carpet, then in summer we put our skis on at the top of the slope.

Luckily, I was able to remember how to do the snow plough and made my way down the mountain safely. Interestingly, I thought that skiing on the PisLab would be similar to snow skiing, but it turned out to be different. I felt like a beginner skier again and had to go down with the snow plough for half a day. After one run on the beginner's slope, I finally mustered my courage to go to the second slope.

You will find a ski lift exactly the same as in winter in front of the second slope. The view from the lift is very beautiful and the strangest thing is that under your feet you will see not the usual snow but greenery, which you will agree does not go well with skiing. Upon arrival at the top of the hill, I advise you to get up quickly, as you can be hit by the elevator seat, like me the first time. I descended from the second slope as safely as from the first. Water is sprayed on the slope to make it easier to ride the PisLab, but be careful, the jet can unexpectedly hit your face.

I thought that it would be too hot for skiing in the summer, but in fact, if you are not skiing like me (with snow plough only) then on the contrary, you can ride with the breeze, and the splashing water on the hill will only refresh you. After a few runs I got a little used to skiing on PisLab, and on my last run I was able to do parallel skis altogether. Even if you've never skied in your life, I think it's worth trying summer skiing and you won't have any difficulty skiing in winter on the snow. I believe that if you are able to catch the balance on PisLab, you will simply be the star on the winter slope!

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