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Private lesson is strongly recommended to learn ski for beginners! Just after playing few hours with Matias, you can enjoy skiing on the slopes!!⛷.



Adam ho, Hongkong / 20. 02. 03

“We had great days with Matias, the super young guy. He is very nice and took good care of my kids, my wife and myself ~ Good patient. We all had an amazing progress in the ski lessons. Matias is an excellent ski coach with good experience. Thank you so much! We will 100% join the lesson again.”

TSUI PO KWOK, Hongkong / 20. 01. 28

“Matias is very nice, professional and speaking fluent English. My son is 7 years old and it was his first time to play ski. He learnt speed control and tuning without ski pole by a 4-hour course. Thanks Matias and JSKI.”

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