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Pre-season ski workout: Dynamic Balance

Is getting cold now!! Are you ready for this upcoming winter season? Discover some good drills with: Pre-season ski workout: Skating with Greg! Pre-season ski workout: Dynamic Balance Balance sports, such as skiing and skating, are fun and exciting because you need to constantly adjust to changing forces and terrain. In this video, I am playing with my balance. Since I’m wearing shorts, it’s easier to see the flexing and body motions than it would be if I were wearing ski clothes. Notice how my joints--ankles, knees, hips, back--flex proportionally. When I’m on one foot while pointed across the hill, notice that it’s easier to balance when my body, from the hips up, doesn’t point the same way as my feet. Also, my hands and arms help me balance. The more you practice, the better your balance adjustments will be, and the more fun you will have!

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