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Pre-season ski workout: Gates, Slalom Ski

Pre-season ski workout: Gates, practice for slalom skiing! How are you getting ready for this upcoming winter season? Discover some good drills with: Pre-season ski workout: Skating with Greg!

The pylons and reflectors on this road are a really good way to practice slalom skiing, that’s short turns, and giant slalom. Those turns where one is right after the other like right down these pylons, that’s like a flush--very tight slalom turns. The longer turns, when you go from the pylons to the reflectors, --that’s more like GS, and a nice thing about doing it on roller blades is I can feel some of the differences between slalom and giant slalom. In slalom, my center of mass, like my belly button, gets to keep headed straight down the hill. On the GS, my legs turn more than my upper body, but my upper body does turn some, and it’s in those short radius turns that my center of mass keeps flowing straight down the hill. If I can get a feel for it here on the pylons, it will be a lot easier to do on skis.

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