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Pre-season ski workout: One Leg

How are you getting ready for this upcoming winter season? Discover some good drills with: Pre-season ski workout: Skating with Greg!

Pre-season ski workout: One Leg

Roller blading, also called in-line skating, is a really good way to develop a lot of the same skills that you’ll need for good skiing. And you can do it even if there’s no snow! The drill here, when it’s done on skis, it’s called one-legged roller blade turns, and they are really good for your balance. Here, I’m doing it on a road that’s got a hill to it, and uh, before you try it on a hill, you’ll want to do it on someplace flat. If you can get so that you can do this slaloming on one leg, on roller blades, it’s going to help a lot for your balance on skiing.


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