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Pre-season ski workout: Skate to ski

How are you getting ready for this upcoming winter season? Discover some good drills with: Pre-season ski workout: Skating with Greg!

Skate to Ski It’s so nice to be able to practice the same kind of drills that I do on skis--on roller blades. When I get back to the snow, the practice that I’ve done in the off-season on my roller blades makes me more coordinated. It keeps it so that my, uh, feet are more comfortable in the ski boots, and I’m familiar with the balance and the motion that I’ll be doing on skis. It seems like it increases the range that I’m comfortable with. My balance improves, and also, since roller blading is so much like performance carving skiing, it helps me a lot when I get back to the snow. You can make the most of your time on the snow with the help of rollerblading in the off-season.


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