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#Ross #Instructor

Gentleman from UK.

Ross is the best child friendly instructor! Every kids love him and his lesson!.

We canโ€™t image how many games for learning ski he knows๐Ÿ˜….


Chow Chin, Singapore / 19. 12. 02

โ€œVery nice experience despite facing very strong wind during our lesson. Our instructor, Ross, was very patience with us and let us enjoy the skiing.โ€

Chai Siong, Singapore / 19. 12. 12

โ€œWe have fantastic experience with Trazy and the Ski lesson. The booking with Trazy was simple and fast. Everything is seemed well planned and smooth without any hiccups. My two daughters enjoyed a a lot the skiing with their trainer, Ross. Ross taught them patiently for the entire 2 hours lesson and they could ski solo at the end of lesson/โ€

Yu kok, Hongkong / 20. 01. 25

โ€œRoss is a great coach. Very attentive and caring. He makes learning how to ski easy and funโ€

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