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Skiing during the Summer: The All-Season Ski Area, PIS-LAB

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Did you know that you can ski during the summer at Bearstown Ski Area in South Korea? While skiing is known as the ultimate winter sport, new technology at PIS-LAB will afford you a fantastic skiing experience regardless of the season!


At the end of the winter ski season, special 45cm x 25cm plastic mats are attached one by one on to the actual ski slope. In the picture, you can see that there are small plastic bristles on the plastic plate that allow the skis to slide and still have the right amount of edge grip during skiing.

A sprinkler periodically sprays water on the mats to make sure the plastic doesn’t get overheated and warped by the sun. The water also helps provide the right amount of friction reduction.

There is one 150m beginner slope and one 800m advanced intermediate slope. The advanced intermediate slope is accessible by a convenient magic carpet conveyor belt.


The feeling of skiing at PIS-LAB is surprisingly similar to skiing on the snow. The speed sensation is about 80% of what you feel on actual snow. The sensation produced by the edges is also slightly different on the synthetic surface, so it’s important to have the right body positioning. Having your weight too far back or forward makes the skis harder to control on this surface. This actually reinforces good technique and allows you to train more effectively.

When you get off the lift, you’ll see a wax zone where you can apply wax as you slide through with your skis on. There are wax zones throughout the slope.


You are able to ski with regular skis, but they can be damaged so we recommend that you use skis made for PIS-LAB. PIS-LAB skis have a stainless steel guard at the edges that minimizes friction. The friction can also cause regular skis to heat up, but PIS-LAB skis work well to dissipate heat.

The mats are hard and bristly, so it is important to wear butt, knee, and elbow protection as well as gloves and a helmet. Falling down on this surface can be more painful than falling on snow.

As the sprinklers wet the surface, your clothes are prone to getting wet, so we recommend waterproof clothing.

The PIS-LAB rental shop only rents skis and snowboards, so you need to come prepared with your boots, clothes, helmet, and gloves.

Operational Information

You can buy season passes and daily lift tickets at PIS-LAB the same way you would for regular snow skiing. The price is about the same as in winter or slightly less expensive. PIS-LAB is open all day Friday to Sunday and only at night from Tuesday to Thursday. It is not open on Monday. During the hot months of summer, the hours of operation are from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Please check the chart below for details.

Ski school lessons are available for all levels from beginner all the way to gate racing. Most of the users at PIS-LAB are avid skiers, but it can be a thrilling experience for people of all abilities.


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