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The Best Snowsports School in Korea: We Are JSKI

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Hello! JSKI is a snow sports school in South Korea. We’ve given lessons to more than 15,000 students. We have excellent instructors from all over the world such as Korea, South America, the United States, Australia, Europe, and South Asia. They can communicate with you not only in English but also various other languages! We are working hard to provide high quality lessons, and we are continuing to improve our team to best fit your needs. Our customers are our friends and family at JSKI, and it is our goal to make your experience in Korea unforgettable. If you are planning a ski trip in Korea, please contact us!


What Our Customers Love About JSKI 💙


The Best Snowsports School in Korea: We Are JSKI

JSKI holds certifications, performs continuous internal training, and creates unique lesson manuals for each level. JSKI’s team shares and develops specialized skiing and teaching techniques for our customers at every age and level.


At JSKI, safety is our priority. We prepared ahead of time to create a safe atmosphere and avoid possible accidents. JSKI completed First Aid training and is insured by ski area and traveler’s insurance.


JSKI avoids strict and dull lessons by making them fun and entertaining. Specializing our lessons for different age groups allows children to have the most fun and keep adults excited. Our warmhearted instructors become great friends with our customers even after the ski lessons are over.


What We Offer 👨‍👩‍👧


Planning for a ski trip doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you are starting off your journey from the airport or from Seoul, JSKI can make booking for transportation, accommodations, ski passes, equipment, and everything else you need a simple process.


Our wonderful instructors from around the world can teach skiing in the language you prefer.


Make your memories last with photos and videos of your happiest moments in Korea. JSKI shares a drive of photos and videos we take of you and your friends and family to look back on whenever you want to reminisce about your trip!


Our alliance with ski resorts allows us to offer you great deals for skiing in Korea. Get the best value with us at JSKI!


Where We Teach 👍

JSKI provides lessons at Vivaldi Park, Yongpyong Resort, and Alpensia Resort. You can choose the resort that best fits your needs. Please check out this link to find out which ski resort is the one for you

Where Can I Ski in Korea? : 6 Best Ski Resorts in Korea


Lesson Types Provided 🎿

Our variety of lesson types can help you make the most of your ski trip. We offer 1 hour basic lessons, private lessons, family lessons, children’s lessons, adult lessons, and more! Check out this link to find out more

Lesson Types

We also allow you to pick your instructor. Feel free to let us know which JSKI instructor you would like to have a lesson from. We’re excited to get to know you and help you have a blast in Korea!

Make your vacation in Korea safe and exciting with JSKI!

Website: jski.co.kr

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jskikorea

Facebook: https://facebook.com/jskikorea

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/KOREANO1SKISCHOOLJSKI

Text us on WhatsApp, Kakaotalk, and LINE at +82)1063547963