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What to do in the Wave Park besides​ surfing?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

The hottest season has begun in Korea and in this weather you obviously want to go to the sea or to the pool. In the summer, the Wave Park, which is an hour's drive from Seoul, will save you from the heat. In the Wave Park you can not only enjoy surfing in the outdoor pool but also go for a dive or simply take a dip in the pool.

In total, you will find five swimming pools in the park for different types of entertainment. In the pool called Subcove you can enjoy surfing. The pool creates waves every 8 seconds, which is about 1000 waves per hour, so you will definitely have time to catch your wave and ride it on the board. Beginners usually train in the middle of the pool, while more advanced surfers can enjoy the big waves at the very edge of the pool.

Right at the entrance to the Wave Park, you can see a huge turtle statue that will surely attract the attention of your kids. This area can be called an entertainment area for children, it includes two swimming pools. The depth of one pool is 0.4 meters. Another pool is connected to the first, the entrance is near the turtle statue and its depth is 1 meter. Note that children whose height is below 120 centimetres require special supervision.

The next pool is Blue Hole Lagoon. Here you can learn how to dive with the instructors of the park and see what is at the bottom.

The outermost pool is called the 'Recreation Pool'. Here you can simply enjoy swimming on a hot day. The pool is 1.8 meters deep, so you can plunge headlong. Also note that only visitors taller than 120 cm are allowed to enter.

After a tiring surfing practice, you can unwind at the Island Spa. Here you will enjoy jacuzzi with panoramic view of the park. It is good to come here after training, as the Wave Park looks even more beautiful in the lights of the sunset.

In the Wave zone you can enjoy the waves without a surfboard. If you come to relax with your family and not everyone is interested in surfing, this pool is an excellent solution.

The Wave Park opens at 9 am in the morning and closes at 6 pm. However, be sure to check the Wave Park website with Operation Hours before coming, as closing times may vary depending on the weather.



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