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What to Eat After Surfing?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

What do you want more than anything else after a grueling day of surfing? Of course, you want to eat delicious food to reward yourself for your efforts in the lesson! You don't have to go far, because Wave Park is one step ahead. There are a total of 7 restaurants in the park where you will definitely find something that you will like!

The first restaurant called ‘Queen’s Black’ offers you an unusual color of burgers that your Instagram followers will appreciate. The restaurant has not only burgers, but also soups that will just warm you up if it was a little chilly while surfing.

The set with burgers includes fries and a signature milkshake. I recommend trying the fries with a milkshake, it's a bit gourmet, but trust me, you'll love it as much as you would eat it with ketchup. I really love cheese and usually when I order a burger, I ask to put more slices of cheese in there. ‘Queen’s Black’ surprised me with the Cheese Sauce Injection in their menu so you should definitely try this masterpiece for yourself to see how delicious it is. I ordered a Bacon Cheese Burger with a set of French Fries Cheddar Cheese (told you I am in love with cheese) and a signature milkshake that cost me about $12. The portion and size of the burgers was much larger than I expected, so I recommend taking the set only if you can share it with a friend.

The next restaurant that you can find in Wave park is Dongdaemun Yeopgi Tteokbokk. After spending time in the water you probably will feel like having a hot meal! It is the restaurant where you will find delicious Tteokbokk, which will instantly warm you with its spiciness.

Also, Namsan Wang Pork Cutlet will pleasantly surprise you with its large portion.

At Outside Advisory, you can taste the original Korean food that foreigners love so much.

A food court will never do without Chinese food so in Q-Q-Crown Noodles you can find pasta with Black Bean Sauce.

If you are tired of your usual food, you should try Suplex Restaurant where you will find dishes that are interpreted in a new style.

Finally, The catching pork day will energize you after a hard day of surfing practice.

All of these brand new restaurants you can find in the building right in front of swimming pool so you can take a break from surfing and gain some energy for practicing surfing even more!



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