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When is the best time to ski in Korea?

Are you wondering when you can ski in Korea, and when the best time to ski in Korea is? Korean ski areas are usually open from mid November to mid March. Many ski areas are open at night (7:00 PM to 10:00 PM), and some are even open later at night until 4:00 AM. Night skiing typically opens starting at the end of December.

South Korea has relatively lower levels of snowfall, so many Korean ski areas rely on man-made snow from snowmaking machines. Man-made snow is the best when it is cold and dry, so waiting enough for the temperature to be cold would assure the best snow quality for skiing.

We have also gathered the operating period of various ski areas in Korea. Keep on reading to find out when will be the best time to ski!

2019/2020 Ski Area Operation Dates

Gyeonggi Ski Areas

Bearstown 19. 12. 05 ~ 20. 03. 01

Konjiam Resort 19. 12. 07 ~ 20. 02. 27

Jisan Resort 19. 12. 06 ~ 20. 03. 08

Starhill Resort 19. 12. 06 ~ 20. 03. 01

Pine Resort 19. 12. 08 ~ 20. 03. 01

Gangwon Ski Areas

High1 Resort 19. 11. 22 ~ 20. 03. 02

Yongpyong Resort 19. 11. 15 ~ 20. 03. 22

Phoenix Park 19. 11. 15 ~ 20. 03. 15

Vivaldi Park 19. 11. 22 ~ 20. 02. 29

Welli-Hilli Park 19. 11. 23 ~ 20. 03. 08

Elysian Resort 19. 11. 23 ~ 20. 03. 03

Alpensia Resort 19. 11. 22 ~ 20. 03. 08

OakValley 19. 11. 28 ~ 20. 03. 03

Other Ski Areas

Muju Deogyusan Resort 19. 12. 07 ~ 20. 03. 08

Eden-Valley Resort 19. 12. 13 ~ 20. 02. 24


As you can see, the 2019/2020 ski season came to an earlier end due to COVID-19. The ski areas in Gangwon province usually operate until mid March, but most ski areas ended early except for Yongpyong Resorts and Phoenix Park.

Gangwon’s ski areas open the earliest and close the latest because this area gets the most snow and stays the coldest in South Korea. Because of this, the snow quality is usually better in Gangwon ski areas.

It’s important to note that not all slopes are open as soon as the ski areas start operating. After the opening date, it usually takes about two to three weeks for all slopes to open up.

So when is the best time to come skiing in Korea? Although it depends on your vacation time and budget, later on in December to the end of February is considered to be the prime time for skiing. Most slopes at various resorts are open, and the snow quality is also best during this time. However, if you are looking for great deals for hotels and lift tickets, the beginning of December and March are time where you can save money on deals such as 50% off and more!

Students in South Korea go on winter vacation during the end of December to the beginning of February. This is the high season, and Christmas, New Year's Eve and Seolnal is considered to be the busiest part of the peak time where a lot of people can be seen at the ski resort. During the holidays, you can see torch skiing, concerts, fireworks, and various other attractions and events. If you are the type of person who prefers a quieter environment and want to avoid big crowds, we recommend that you avoid the peak time.

If you are planning to visit Korea during the spring, summer, or fall when most ski areas are prepping for the next season, there are still skiing options for you!

Pocheon Bearstown Resort has a place called PIS-LAB with reinforced plastic mats made from a special material that makes skiing on it feel similar to skiing on the snow. If you cannot wait until winter to ski, this place is a great option for you. PIS-LAB uses its previous ski slopes and has options for all levels of skiers.

We hope this information made planning your ski trip in Korea easier! Let us know if you have any more questions.

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